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Portable compact post

Operational characteristics :

These compact substations prove  to be an excellent choice for urban areas where there is a shortage of space. The compact metal-clad and weatherproof substation are prefabricated and self-contained and therefore they are the best choice for every application,especially in emergency situation where immediate access to the electricity grid is needed . With noon-site assembly,they can provide grid connection in minimum time.

Certifications and featured standards :

The employed transformers, medium and low voltage switch gears are individually type standards have appropriate certifications form national and international institutions standards are:
Fabrication of the substations:                           IEC 62271-202
Transformer:                                                            IEC 76,726
Medium voltage boards:                                        IEC 265,129,62271
Low voltage boards:                                             IEC 439

Design , manufacture ,placement and special design:

The  substations are designed and manufactured based on the demanded electrical and installation requirements.
The dimensions of a special substation in which oil transformer is used are given in figure below:
The electrical equipment is cooled by natural ventilation through openings in the substation.
Equipped with appropriate lighting and also thermostat ventilation.
The substation is ready to be placed upon a concrete base foundation.
Spacial hatch for the underground accessibility from the substation.
Medium voltage,low voltage distribution transformer compartments are separate.
The unit is mainly made of special 2.5mm steel sheet and base 4 mm.
Electrostatic painting is used.
Enclosure,with closed door is IP32 and IP43.

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