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Vacuum Circuit Breakers

     Vacuum Circuit Breakers :

          Voltage range :12,24,36 KV
          Current range :630,1250,1600,2000,2500 A
          Interrupting current (3 seconds): 16,25,31/5 KA

     Technical specifications:

  • Charging motor and tripping coil
  • Heater and thermostat to maintain the internal  temperature in the operating region
  • Manual switching
  • Mechanical on/off switch counter
  • Auxiliary contacts (6 NC+6 NO)
  • Switch and auxiliary switch for interlocks to prevent unwanted switches
  • Spring loading indicator
  • Can be equipped with a current transformer on the switch with secondary self-powered relay
  • Board width: 750 mm
  • three years guarantee or 1000 times operation according to IEC standards (which ever achieved first)
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