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About us
Rasnesh Energy Noivn (RASAN) was established in 2001 based on the experiences of this managing and engineering team in the Iranian electricity distribution sector and also the skills of its technicians . RASAN started its  activities by manufacturing switchgear panels and electricity distribution equipment such as low and medium voltage switchgear panels to serve the ever growing electricity distribution network of Iran .
In an over a decade , RASAN has received an excellent and unique track record in the design and execution of several projects in the power distribution of several small and large scale industrial units as well as in the oil and gas industries.
Since the start of the company , RASAN has grown to a factory area of ever 5000 square meters that holds the main production lines such as metalworking , painting , mechanical and electrical montage as well as diffrenet lavs such as low voltage , medium voltage and painting labs.
The head office accommodates the design and engineering , sales , finance and foreign commerce units and it is placed in a conveniently accessible area in Tehran.
The main activities , among all the activities in the area of producing and manufacturing power distribution panels and equipment , can be listed as :

1) Medium voltage switchgear panels up to 33 KV, of different types such as :
Fixed,Compact and Withdrawables.
2) Low voltage switchgear panels up to 6 KA, for indoor and outdoor installations.
3) Power corrections boards,fixed and modular.
4) Low voltage and medium voltage changeovers.
5) MCC and PLC boards.
RASAN is also active in the area of providing the following equipment :

1) Oil and dry transformers
2) Vacuum and SF6 circuit breakers
3) SF6 load break switches
4) Earth fault display equipment with SMS (optional)
5) EPC projects
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